Green Tea

Green tea is often referred to as an “unoxidized” tea. It can literally be plucked in the morning and be ready to be brewed the same night. The leaves are heated immediately after plucking. This heat prevents the leaves from withering or oxidizing. The bypass of oxidation allows green tea to retain most of its natural color, tannins, vitamin C, chlorophyll, and minerals. In some green teas, this lack of oxidation is responsible for the low caffeine level. In China, most farms still handpick, then spread out the leaves on bamboo trays to be exposed to sunlight. They are then quickly roasted, rolled into balls, and roasted again a second time, or are left to dry. In Japan, the leaves are plucked and steamed quickly until they are soft enough to roll. They are cooled, rolled, and twisted until they are completely dry.
Caffeine: 25-30 milligrams per 8 oz cup.
How to brew: Steep at 175 degrees for 1-3 mins. Resteep up to 3 times.

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