Kid’s Favorite Package


This sampler full of heavenly, fruity, herbal teas, is sure to make even the pickiest of drinkers happy! Goodbye, juice! These teas are not only delicious hot, they also make mouthwatering iced teas.


Includes each of  tea:

Pink Flamingo

The smell is fruity, the taste, DIVINE! These beauties are no longer just Floridian lawn decoration. Let this blend of papaya, coconut, and vanilla drag you into some sweet, summer vibes. Apple pieces, candied papaya, carrot pieces, rose, sugar sprinkle flamingos, hibiscus petals, candied mango pieces, beetroot, coconut chips, safflower petals, cornflower petals

Tropical Sky

If you long for the siren song of summers gone by, this tea will heal your grieving heart. This will make you believe that we can be your Cup of Tea from now on! Candied pineapple , candied mango, candied papaya, apple, lemon pieces, natural flavor, apple, tangerine, gooseberries, safflower, rose, sunflower petals

Strawberry Kiwi

A refreshing, citrusy, strawberry-kiwi treat even your kids will love.  Apple, hibiscus petals, rosehip peels, natural flavor, kiwi pieces, strawberry pieces

John Lemon

All you need is love, John Lemon is all you need. This tea provides endless refreshing lemonade like iced tea. Add a pinch of lavender  for a  Lavender lemonade!

Weight 12 oz

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