I Only Drink Coffee-Sample Package


Perfect for those people in your life that think they don’t like tea (even though we all know they just haven’t tried the right one.)  Filled with bold teas we’re sure anyone would love, including one with actual coffee beans!


Includes each of the following tea:

Comfort Zone

Fine, coffee people, we’ll meet you halfway. This blend of black tea, pu-erh, and coffee beans will make a morning person out of anybody. Coffee beans, pu-erh, black tea, cocoa nibs.


This hand picked tea comes at sea level in from Sri Lanka.  It has an impeccable aroma, with balanced notes of maltiness.

Velvet Vanilla

Assam cut with smooth vanilla is perfect for those with a morning sweet tooth. Assam black tea, vanilla pieces

Dancing Dragon

This creamy cup of tea reminds us of a decadent slice of cake with its vanilla notes and chocolate richness. It might actually be good for you too. Pu-erh, sarsaparilla, roasted yerba mate, honeybush

Weight 15 oz

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