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Warm yourself up to the tips of your fingers with our spicy and sweet chai blends! Pair these teas with stimulating conversation or a good book, and a warm blanket, and sink into a comfy state of being. This set of teas includes both caffeinated and non-caffeinated options, so you can enjoy tea at any time of the day.


Aztec Chai

Tea plus chocolate, plus spice, plus a winter day, you have a perfect union that will warm el alma, las manos, y el corazón. It’s a wonderful chocolate-y, spicy, non-caffeinated chai, perfect for any evening.

Diwali Chai

Inspired by the Festival of Lights, this chai has a bright citrus taste over a malty Indian black tea.

Parker’s Chai

Campfire cuddles and brazen books sing for a scrumptious spice to sate the senses. We raise a mug of this full-flavored chai to our graphic designer, whose impeccable taste is evident in both eye and palate.

Tea-juana Chai

This is a pleasant, full-bodied chai that is enhanced by a spicy, cocoa kick.

Weight 15 oz





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