Feel Better Package


Feelin’ down? Got the sniffles? We’ve got’cha covered! Filled with cleansing herbs like ginger and lemongrass, these teas will help you feel brand new in no time!




This is the first tea Mama-te-a created, blended with love to help her daughter recover from breast cancer and the depleting effects of chemotherapy. So if you’re feeling ill, this is the tea to help you feel better. This blend has rejuvenating linden and chamomile, the adrenal supporting holy basil and ginger with lemon balm and fennel, known for their antimicrobial and stomach soothing properties. Here’s to hoping you feel better soon!


Tummy troubles be gone! A combination of 10 powerful herbs whose properties are used to calm the stomach and help promote digesting benefits. Wood betony, Oregon grape, parsley and fennel to quell gut stress and inflammation; while yarrow, skullcap, and uva ursi relieves GI and muscle discomfort. Mild in taste, but mighty against the pain and fullness that accompanies bloating.

Ayurvedic Medic

Earthy nutmeg flowers, with the spice of ginger, result in a rich ayurvedic elixir for promoting health and wellness.


This tea is a combination of 5 amazing plants that we nicknamed the Fountain of Youth tea. The nettle, known for centuries as an incredible medicinal herb, is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, mild relief of aches and pains, plus helps with allergies, cell renewal and overall well being. The Butterfly Pea flower contains potent antioxidants, believed to protect against free radicals and boost the appearance of bright skin, hair and nails. Gotu Kola helps clarify and boost the mind, along with the added cleansing and healing properties of licorice and ginger roots. Take a splash.

Weight 9 oz

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