Oregon Tribute Package


This particular collection was inspired by the beautiful area we live in! Mt. Hood Meadow and Oregon Summer remind us of warm summer days on the trails and in the water, hoping the longer days stay and the campfire never goes out. Rose City is reminiscent of the Rose Garden by Washington Park, and Clatsop Kiwi has bright notes of hibiscus and peach, both of which we see with regularity when we walk the dogs in our neighborhood.


Clatsop Kiwi

With a subtle tanginess, this creation offers a truly fruity, sweet infusion. This blend will thrill you with its special highlights of large kiwi slices, crisp peach, and pu-erh earthiness.

Mt. Hood Meadow

A fruity and dreamy delicacy: Melba Peach deluxe! Who can resist sun ripened peaches, topped with sweet vanilla ice-cream and lavender whipped cream? To die for!

Oregon Summer

Composed of white tea with fresh flavors of pineapple and rhubarb, sharpens the mind like a bright summer day

Rose City

This scented tea is from China, is processed in a traditional way. Black tea is scented with layers of rose petals as it dries, then rose petals are sifted away, leaving a delicate bouquet of roses to the finished tea.



Weight 15 oz

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