Classic Package


These classic high-end teas make the perfect gift for yourself, or others, who enjoy the finer things in life. What we love most about these teas is that they can be re-steeped at least three times, with each steep evolving the flavor profile more every time.


Includes  each of the following:

Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey, also called Jin Hou, is grown in the northern Fujian province of China. This tea is harvested in the spring time by carefully plucking the new leaves and buds. Its name is drawn from the tippy golden leaf and the bright golden color of its liquid. Fun fact about this tea: It is the black tea counterpart of the Silver Needle white tea. What we love about this tea is its silky, caramel flavor, rich aromas, and low astringency.

Tung Ting

Mr. Chang has gifted us this Tung Ting from the mountain range of the same name. Fun trivia, “Tung Ting” means “frozen summit,” or “ice peak.” This tea is oxidized for 18 hours to give it a dark color and a warm, smooth flavor. The first steeping of this tea is sweet and fruity; subsequent steepings are nutty and rich. Enjoy this tea thoroughly; it has many flavor paths to take you on.


This Japanese rarity finds it origin in a garden, near the Hiki River, in the district of Wakayama. This tea’s flavor resembles seaweed, with a sweet and full-bodied aftertaste. It contains a large concentration of catechins, which happen to be antibacterial.

Nilgiri Platinum Needle

Nilgiri Platinum Needle, an exquisite micro-lot white tea, elegantly combines fruity and floral essences within its creamy texture. Crafted by small-scale farmers, the production of this tea hinges on specific environmental conditions. The crucial element of cool, dappled shade plays a pivotal role in nurturing its sophisticated flavor profile, marked by delicate hints of vanilla and raisin. This careful cultivation process is what renders this tea highly coveted.

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