What do you see in your cup? Learn to read tea leaves.

Register now to come learn the noble art of divination by tea leaf reading in this fun and informative class. This centuries-old fortune telling technique originated in China and traveled along tea and spice trade routes all over the world. Come enjoy a cup or two of delicious tea and see what symbols and messages your cup reveals to you. Participants will be given a handout with instructions, glossary of symbols, and resource list to take home with them.
Class is taught by the lovely AMANDA MAYTHER is a clinical herbalist, educator, and intuitive healer, who has been fascinated by and has explored different divination tools since childhood. She loves combining her clinical and intuitive skills to help her clients navigate their own physical, mental and emotional health and life challenges in their own unique way. She works with clientele in the Portland/Vancouver area. For more information about Amanda, please visit her website www.familyinbloom.com.

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