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Elderberry Mix

$8.00 oz.

This elixir is rich in vitamins and traditional immune boosting herbs such as elderberries, elderflower, echinacea, and rosehips. Deep, dark, yet bright and spicy in flavor. This delicious blend with its incredible properties can also be reduced down into a concentrate and blended with honey for a syrupy elixir to further help support your body! 


elderberries & flowers, echinacea root & leaf, rosehips, orange peel, sweet cinnamon, hibiscus flower, ginger root

Steeping Temp 195 for 3 mins

Syrup Directions –  

Place 1/2 cup blend & 2 cups water into pan. Bring to boil, reduce heat and barely simmer for 45 mins. Let it rest & cool for 1 hour. Strain off liquid to remove herbs, pressing out the goodness,. (Used herbs can be added to plants or compost or add some to cookie or muffin mix!). Add 1 cup of honey to the elderberry liquid & stir together, melt if needed,  Pour into a sterile bottle or jar & refrigerate.


Weight 1 oz

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