Bedtime Ritual

Have you ever considered that the missing piece to your wellness practice might be as simple as a cup of tea? Not only do teas and herbal tisanes have unending health benefits, but brewing a cup can also be a very therapeutic process. Brewing tea is not a rushed event. It provides an opportunity for us to stop, breathe in the aroma, feel the heat from the water, and watch the tea leaves unfold. 

relax loose leaf teaWe want to encourage you to add a cup of tea to your nighttime routine. Don’t have a nighttime routine yet? Now is the perfect time to start! Developing a nighttime routine can be very effective in calming yourself in preparation for sleep, improving the quality of your sleep, as well as helping your mind stay centered throughout the following day. Our Relax tea sets the stage by calming you down after your long day. It doesn’t have a sedative effect, the skullcap and catnip calm your tension while hops, peppermint and red raspberry leaf exude calmness and lessen anxiety. Hibiscus flower is believed to aid lower blood pressureIf you have issues with sleep, drink a cup of REM Time an hour before you go to sleep.  This is a masterful combination of herbs that relax the mind and body, in order to calm you down and provide insomnia fighting elements so you can get the sleep you need.remember loose leaf tea

Try this for a week and see how this practice can begin to change your outlook on the days passing by, and start to create an overall feeling of gratefulness. Then while you enjoy your cup of tea, you can put away the screens and stresses from the day, and open a book, or journal, or pick up some knitting outain needles. Do some light stretching, or practice meditation.  What to learn about the negative effects of  sleep issue: r

Here at your local tea house, we have a whole line of wellness teas. These teas are specially blended  locally to target specific health needs you may want to address. We have everything from a tea blend to help with tension headaches, to a tea blend for allergy relief

Cup of Tea is your community tea house.  If you are looking for loose-leaf tea and ways to steep it, we have everything you need. You can also enjoy a pot of hot tea, a glass of iced tea, or a custom tea latte in our shop or on the go.