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This page is exclusively dedicated to our Tea of the Season program, which is more than just a premium tea; it’s a bridge to making a difference. As part of our commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship, we are proud to announce that with every purchase of the seasonal tea, we will contribute 15% of the sale to a charitable organization.

Tea of the Season:
Sencha (Green)

Embrace the refreshing reset that the changing seasons bring. With the new season comes a new Tea of the Season: Sencha. This exquisite Japanese tea hails from the lush fields of Shizuoka Prefecture, growing under the watchful eyes of Mt. Fuji.

Savor a cup of Sencha with its refreshing, vegetal flavor profiles, and know that your purchase supports a great cause. I will donate 15% of your purchase to Oregon Wild, a 50-year-old conservation program dedicated to preserving our forests, keeping our waters clean, and protecting wildlife habitats.

Enjoy Sencha and make a difference with every sip!

Sencha Tea of the Season - Cup of Tea Clackamas
Oregon Wild Logo - Cup of Tea Clackamas

Seasonal Organization

We are proud to collaborate with Oregon Wild, a respected organization passionately committed to safeguarding and rejuvenating Oregon’s unique natural environments, its varied wildlife, and essential water bodies. The vital work of Oregon Wild plays a key role in maintaining these treasures for posterity, allowing them to flourish and be cherished by future generations. By choosing our tea, you’re not just savoring an exquisite brew; you’re also joining a meaningful journey towards environmental preservation and sustainability.





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