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This page is exclusively dedicated to our Tea of the Season program, which is more than just a premium tea; it’s a bridge to making a difference. As part of our commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship, we are proud to announce that with every purchase of the seasonal tea, we will contribute 15% of the sale to a charitable organization.


Tea of the Season:
Wild Tree (White)

This spring marks the introduction of Wild Tree as our Seasonal Tea, a selection that promises to captivate and intrigue. Sourced from the venerable, wild tea trees of China’s Nan Mei Valley, the buds for this tea are meticulously harvested from the base of these majestic plants. Following their collection, these buds undergo a natural drying process under the sun, with only minimal oxidation, which not only preserves their natural beauty but also enhances their exotic allure.

The allure of Wild Tree lies not just in its appearance but also in its taste. Distinct from the less appealing mature leaves, these young buds offer a flavor profile that is both unique and highly coveted. Prepared as a low-caffeine option, this tea presents a remarkable combination of piney and smoky notes, ensuring a memorable drinking experience that stands apart from the ordinary.

Wild Tree Spring - Tea of the Season - Cup of Tea Clackamas
Oregon Wild Logo - Cup of Tea Clackamas

Seasonal Organization

We are proud to collaborate with Oregon Wild, a respected organization passionately committed to safeguarding and rejuvenating Oregon’s unique natural environments, its varied wildlife, and essential water bodies. The vital work of Oregon Wild plays a key role in maintaining these treasures for posterity, allowing them to flourish and be cherished by future generations. By choosing our tea, you’re not just savoring an exquisite brew; you’re also joining a meaningful journey towards environmental preservation and sustainability.





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