Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is generally described as being a semi-oxidized tea. It represents only two percent of the world’s tea production, and it is primarily manufactured in China and Taiwan (often called Formosa). Formosa Oolong is processed immediately after plucking. The leaves are first wilted in direct sunlight, then shaken (not stirred) in bamboo baskets to lightly bruise the edges of the leaves. For the next 1 ½ to 2 hours, the tea is vacillated between being shaken and spread out to dry. This is done until the leaves are slightly yellow. In order to halt the oxidation, the leaves are pan fired. This results in a 10-50 percent oxidation. The flavor of Formosa Oolong can be described as similar to sweet corn: honeyed and a bit grassy. The Chinese Oolong undergoes a longer processing, which results in a 60-80 percent oxidation. This gives the tea a richer, darker liquor.
Caffeine: 36 milligrams per 8 oz cup.
How to brew: Steep at 195 degrees for 3 mins. Resteep up to 3-7 times.





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