Gravity Steeper

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Tested, vetted, and used by all of our staff, we know that this tea steeper will make any tea recipe successful. It’s made of the same pharmaceutical-grade plastic that many outdoor water bottles use, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe.

Every cup fills another. With every purchase of this gravity steeper, you are helping to provide clean, safe, drinking water through the Grosche Safe Water project. Every gravity steeper we sell provides 50+ days of clean drinking water in places like Pakistan, Malawi, Uganda, the Philippines and India

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Directions for use:

How to steep tea: Fill steeper with hot water up to the handle. Add two teaspoons of tea. Let steep however long tea needs to steep. Put steeper on top of mug and wait about ten seconds for steeper to drain. (To steep tea again, just add more hot water and repeat.)

Weight 10 oz

Clear, Red, Black

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