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Palm Reading Basics

Palm Reading Basics

Have you ever wondered what the lines on your palm reveal about you and your future? Palmistry is an ancient divine art that has been used for centuries to determine not only what is destined to arrive in your life but also how you will handle the different experiences themselves.  Palmistry can be a gateway to walking towards the self.  Palmistry is a secret blueprint into the inner workings of our subconscious mind and has a lot to reveal about who we are and why we uniquely behave the way we do.  If you are interested in the subject of Palmistry, or want to learn more about the depths of your inner mind, then come join me, Jesie Jobson, as I transform this mystical art into a fun evening of learning Palmistry Basics.
Along with learning the basics of Palmistry, each student will also leave class with their own personal palm reading.  In class, we will use our own hands as our subject of learning, and each student will build a palm reading booklet based on the lines, size, and dimensions of their own hands to discover what it reveals about them and their future.
$20 class fee & $13.00 for the personalized palm reading.

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