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The Story Behind BWild Kombucha

  BWild Kombucha is 100% raw and brewed in small batches using only organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. As this is a live beverage, strains of yeast or small pieces of culture may appear – this is totally normal and is actually a great sign! Each of our custom flavors are bottled in amber glass to protect the flavor and the natural probiotics from the elements.

Many of history’s great loves began with an introduction through good friends; my love for Kombucha is no different. I have made it my mission to introduce the Pacific Northwest to Kombucha as it’s never been seen before: handcrafted, fermented to perfection, and naturally flavored.

(My goal has always been to introduce a drink that people would want to give their friends, as ours did for us. Giving them something to talk about takes time, which is why, throughout the years, I have perfected our brewing technique – while remaining local, natural, and authentic.

As for the name “BWild,” it is a shout-out to those who are bold, different, and fearless. Those who aren’t afraid to travel where others haven’t, and to think in ways others may not. To you, we say “thank you,” for taking us along for the ride. Thank you for making us a part of your family, as you have become a part of ours.


Barbara Wildhaber — (founder of BWild Kombucha and Oregon native)





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