Winter Pavlova with Spicy Orange Tea

This recipe is from an amazing local chef, Fern, who celebrates the art of cooking vegetarian and vegan  with the hope to inspire the chef that resides inside of all of us.

Pavlovas are a great holiday dessert but not that common for the time.  They make a stunning centerpiece dessert.  Mini pavlovas work well in dessert baskets too. Pretty gaudy, but that’s what the season is about. It’s something sure to impress your friends and family.  Pavlovas are light but this recipe had a warm spice from the spicy orange black tea.  The chocolate adds a little more depth as well. They’re light with an airy squishyness.  Crisp yet flaky and soft.  Pair them with a nice whipped cream, mouse, or cake, and is a party.  This recipe is geared toward winter. spicy orange black tea and dark chocolate fit the brisk mood.  It’s light with a touch of bitter sweet warmth.

Check out this recipe and explore Fern’s blog for more amazing recipes.

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