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Build Our Community – One Ounce at a Time

At Cup of Tea our mission is to support our local community; one of the ways we do this is by giving back to local organizations who are making a difference every day in peoples’ lives. Each month we donate 10% of the loose leaf sales of our selected Tea of the Month to one of these organizations. 

Our tea of the month for April is Foolishly Fruity – this caffeine free tea is bursting with sweet, juicy, citrus appeal.  This sunny blend of fruit goodness is balanced by the smooth honeybush plant. Try it hot and cold! 

Ingredients: Apple pieces, candied pineapple pieces, raisins, carrot pieces, hibiscus petals, candied mango pieces, orange pieces, beetroot pieces, strawberry slices, safflower petals, rhubarb pieces, raspberries, apricot pieces, honeybush

Our Charity of the Year, Adult & Teen Challenge PNW, is a one-year residential program with the purpose to restore hope and health to those who suffer from addiction as well as other serious life-controlling issues. Your purchase today of Foolishly Fruity will directly help these individuals who are working to make changes and start a new life. 

Every month from now until December we will feature a real-life testimonial from someone who has gone (or is currently going through) the program. This month we are featuring Jerrad: 

“Hi, I’m Jerrad and God has answered my prayers! I spent 15 years of my life under the bondage of sin by sticking a needle in my arm. That was me right before my life began at Adult & Teen Challenge but today, according to 2 Corinthians 5:17 “I am a new creation in Christ!”

While serving 6 months in county jail for a drug court violation, the “great mustard seed” that was planted when I was a child was finally watered. I began to pray and read the Bible daily in jail and Jesus began his good work in me. 

Upon being released from jail with a 36-month prison sentence hanging over my head I went and got high again. Months later nothing was changing but the hurt became deeper; like an endless pit. Meanwhile, I missed several probation appointments and figured it was time to turn myself in. As I approached the probation office I almost stepped on an Adult & Teen Challenge business card! I picked the card up and quickly looked the website up online and the first 3 words I remember seeing were “faith based program”. It told me to Apply Today! So I turned around and wiped my tears knowing that this was God. 

September 30th, 2020 I gave it all to the Lord. When I came through the doors at Adult & Teen Challenge and laid in bed, I knew I was finally home. I’ve had my own house before, but until now I never felt like I was home.

Since I’ve been walking with the Lord I have restored my relationships and my probation officer has called me and informed me I’m off probation next month. You see God is very good and He has a very good plan. I no longer am lonely or broken. I’m joyous and hungry for the Lord. How could I live any other life? How could I have not put God first? How could I have been so selfish for so long?”

We dedicate April’s Tea of the Month to Jerrod in honor of his courage and perseverance to overcome his addiction. 


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