Morning, Noon, & Night Box


Infuse tea into your day. Each box houses a collection of two morning teas, two afternoon teas, and two evening tea. Steep in the new year with this handy glass “test tube” inspired steeper. Just to ensure that 2024 is a year of good fortune, we have added, to your box, 1 of the 1000 paper origami cranes folded by our friends Craig and Mernie. Enjoy 3 servings of English Breakfast, Dragonwell, Parker’s Chai, Paradise Bliss, Relax & REMtime.

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Cup of Tea is your community tea house.  If you are looking for loose-leaf tea and ways to steep it, we have everything you need. You can also enjoy a pot of hot tea, a glass of iced tea, or a custom tea latte in our shop or on the go.