What is Lifestyle Tea?

This group of teas is intended to address what ails us in life. We sampled a lot of wellness teas that tasted like medicine in order to find a selection of Lifestyle teas that you will want to drink just because they taste amazing.


2737 B.C.
Tea was first discovered by the second emperor Shen Nung in China.
618-907 A.D.
During the T'ang Dynasty tea becomes the most popular drink in China
1650 A.D.
Tea was first recorded being imported in the US into the dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, later renamed New York, where it gained popularity.
1670 A.D.
It wasn't until 2 decades later, after tea was being imported into Amsterdam, that the English colonist of Boston became aware of it. Where it soon took off in a craze.


Steeping time and temperature varies dependent on tea.

Save Your Leaves

Dependent on tea.

Lifestyle Tea

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